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Member – Mary Ann Schouten (SLP)

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Meet Trudy  Counter – Board Member of OAFCCD (2016-2022)

Hello OAFCCD members!  My name is Trudy and I have been an OAFCCD Board member since 2013.

In 2017 I retired from practice as a Speech Language Pathologist. This has allowed me more time to dedicate to OAFCCD and the world of communication disorders.  During my career, that spanned 34 years, I had the pleasure of working in a community hospital setting with adults and preschoolers: and in a school board setting.

I have been an advocate for increased speech, language and audiology services for children for my entire career. I have advocated at both the local and provincial levels through the Ontario Association of Speech Language Pathologists (OSLA) and Association of Chief Speech-Language Pathologists in Ontario District School Boards (ACSLP).  As a manager of hospital-based and later school-based services, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to actively participate in many planning tables to represent families of children with Communication Disorders.

During my work in Wellington and Dufferin Counties, I was thrilled to see the expansion of preschool and adult Speech and Language and Audiology services in the region.  In addition, much needed services for child well-being and mental health were expanded. The positive outcomes, of various proposals, were the direct result of parents and caregivers sharing their children’s personal stories. Sharing your story is very powerful and is the best way to effect change.

Please send me a short note or a personal story about your experience with speech and language services.  A story about the benefit of speech and language services, as well as the challenges you have faced, can help to improve speech and language services.    I look forward to hearing from you and working on your behalf. We are stronger together and as a Board Member, please know that your feedback energizes us!