Advocacy for Speech and Language Services

Parent and System Advocacy

OAFCCD supports advocacy at two levels.  We help parents and guardians to advocate for their child by providing information and tips on effective advocacy.  We also advocate at the system level by sharing the concerns of families and advocating with community partners, school boards and the provincial government for adequate publicly funded speech and language services. On this page is information about Parent Advocacy and OAFCCD system level advocacy.

Parent Advocacy – Parents are the Best Advocate for their Child

As the parent, or legal guardian, you know your child best.  You will be supporting your child for at least 18 years and you are the one constant in their lives.  You are the one who needs to advocate to get the services and supports that your child needs to be successful.

Finding out that your child has a speech and language delay or disorder can be devastating.  Many parents are shocked and don’t know what to do or where to turn. OAFCCD is here to help.

On this website you will find lots of information and resources to help you understand the impact of a communication disorder and lots of tips on how you can advocate for your child.


You can also hear from professionals and families in The Power of Parents video series.

Episode 12 from our 14 part videos series

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) present a summary of services and what parents can do.

Episode 13 from our 14 part video series

The parents from the video provide positive ideas for parents.

OAFCCD – System Advocacy for Adequate Publicly Funded Speech and Language Services

OAFCCD was founded in the early 1990’s when speech and language services were being eliminated by school boards, hospitals and other community organizations in order to balance budgets.  OAFCCD was founded by parents and professionals concerned that the the needs of children with communication disorders were not well understood.  For over 25 years OAFCCD has been promoting public awareness about the impact of a communication disorder and the benefit of adequate publicly funded speech and language services.

To find out more about OAFCCD position papers and government submissions follow this link:
OAFCCD Position Papers and Resource Documents

(l-r) Past Presidents, Dr. Genese Warr-Leeper and Rhonda Jacobson with George Shields, President Harmonize for Speech Fund and Alison Morse, Provincial Coordinator.