Dr. Genese Ann Warr-Leeper

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Western University, Ontario

Dr. Genese Warr-Leeper was founding member of OAFCCD and over 25 years she wrote many articles for parents and many were published in the OAFCCD Newsletter or on the Website.  Dr. Warr-Leeper was very concerned that language disorders were misunderstood.

The articles in this section were developed for teachers and parents over 15 years ago.  They include some valuable tips for and and helpful suggestions for supporting students with language disorders.
Dr. Warr-Leeper passed away in 2019.


Tips for Oral Language:

Tips for Vocabulary and Word Retrieval:

Tips for Conversation and Social Communication:

Tips for Memory:

Tips for Writing:

For additional information about how to help students with language disorders check the website, Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorders.