Parent Guide For Supporting Success at School
This Parent Guide will help parents to: Navigate the speech and language service system Prepare for transition to school Understand the special education systems Participate for the Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) development Prepare for an Identification and Placement Review Committee (I.P.R.C.) Engage effectively with the school system

Video Series: Power of Parents – Supporting Success for Students with Speech and Language Impairments
These videos demonstrate how parent engagement supports student success. Speech-Language Pathologists talk about how they work with parents and the things parents can do to support their child’s success. Parents share stories about their journeys and provide tips on how to work effectively with Speech-Language Pathologists and Teachers.

Early Detection is Vital
If you have concerns about your child’s speech or language development

Parent Fact Sheets
OAFCCD Fact Sheets are developed on a regular basis with contributions from our professional members who work in the schools, public or private clinics, or in universities.

Promoting Literacy at Home
Activity Tip Sheets for home practice

Tips for Improving Oral and Written Communication Skills
Downloadable PDF containing full list of tips and suggestions 

French Language Resources
Guide des parents sur les Measures de soutien visant a favoriser la reussite scolaire

How To Help Your Child
OAFCCD Fact Sheets

OAFCCD Newsletter Library
Past newsletters dating back to June 2015