OAFCCD continues to support families in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Children with speech and language disorders are being severely impacted by the repeated closure of child care and schools.

Speech and language programs continue to be delivered virtually by Speech-Language Pathologists in the Preschool Speech and Language Programs, the school and through Children’s Treatment Centers.  If your child was being supported by one of these services, I hope they have reached out to you.  If not contact the Speech-Language Pathologist involved with your child and ask for help.  Services will be different but ideally they will be modified to suit your circumstances and meet your child’s needs.

For families this a very stressful time.  Living months in isolation at home with children, worries about employment and fear about the pandemic create a very stressful environment.  And parents are expected to deliver learning at home as well as continue to support the speech and language development of their child. It is a lot to manage.

OAFCCD is reaching out to professionals to develop some resources and provide links to activities and information that could be helpful.  We will be posting these resources on this webpage.

We don’t want to add to your stress but hope you will find the information helpful.


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