November 2021

Communication Diversity Under the OAFCCD Umbrella; Be the Voice for Students with Communication Disorders; Speech and language intervention in schools …

September 2021

Back to School Issue; The Power of Parents You’ve Got This!; Ministry Funding for Children and Youth with Special Needs; …

May 2021

May is Speech and Hearing Month; Accessing Speech and Language Services for Children; Five Common Q’s about Children’s E-books; OAFCCD …

November 2020

COVID-19 How is it impacting you and your child?; Trudy Counter – Board Member of OAFCCD; OAFCCD on Social Media …

May 2020

OAFCCD and COVID-19 Challenges for families; Government Advocacy; Speech Sound Disorders; Central Auditory Processing Disorder  

October 2019

Now is the Time to Engage in Your Child’s Learning at School!
Who Should I Contact First about a concern or issue?

November 2018

Speech and Language Services in Ontario – Where are we now?
Coordinated Service Planning
Ontario joins the effort to increase awareness of DLD