October 2019

Now is the Time to Engage in Your Child’s Learning at School!
Who Should I Contact First about a concern or issue?

November 2018

Speech and Language Services in Ontario – Where are we now?
Coordinated Service Planning
Ontario joins the effort to increase awareness of DLD

How to Help Your Child

If you think that your child’s speech and language development is slow or that your child is struggling to communicate, …

April 2018

Plea From President – Need for Parent Voice
Special Needs Strategy Update
Speech and Language Service Delivery – A Flexible and Responsive Ranges of supports and Interventions

November 2017

Key Articles: OAFCCD Needs Your Help, Special Needs Strategy, President’s Choice Children’s Charity Changes Focus

May 2017

Key Articles: May is Speech and Hearing Month, Letter from Ministries involved in Special needs strategy to Families about Changes in Services

November 2016

Key Articles: Special Needs strategy, Federal Accessibility Legislation, Ministry of Education Consultation on Student Well-being

May 2016

Key Articles: Celebrating Genese Warr-Leeper and Deb Almost, Special Needs Strategy Update, Celebrating Student Success – Stephanie on her way to a Career in Nursing, Tips for Promoting Parent Engagement