Who We Are

OAFCCD is a network of parents, caregivers, and professionals including
Speech Language Pathologists, who work with families and individuals to
provide support and ensure children and youth have access to speech
services and language services. This section explains our Vision, Mission and

What We Do

OAFCCD provides an organization that provides support to anyone with
Speech and Language concerns. In this section we describe our resource
information, parent support activities, public awareness activities and
advocacy activities. and goals.

OAFCCD Brochure

OAFCCD has created a brochure explaining communication disorders, our
organization and our activities. Here, we provide this document in a
downloadable format. Please print and share this document to help spread
awareness regarding communication disorders, OAFCCD and OAFCCD’s

Become an OAFCCD Member

OAFCCD is a recognized voice for children with speech and language
impairments. In this section we describe benefits of membership.

OAFCCD Position Papers and Resource Documents

OAFCCD has been advocating for adequate publicly funded speech services
and language services for over 25 years. This section lists our achievements,

committee involvement and documents. This section effectively provides a
history of our organization.

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